Nothing Can Stop What is Coming

Nothing Can Stop What is Coming

Presumably, the SCOTUS will overturn this ruling, and this stunt will only end up making Trump more popular, and proving the establishment’s desperation.

They know they can’t win. They don’t have control of Twitter anymore, so they can’t shape public perception like they used to, and with citizen journalists able to dismantle their narratives in real time, their propaganda is largely neutralized.

We are calling their plays out before they run them. We have the playbook. They are FUCKED. And they know it. So they have no choice but to try to jail Trump, keep him off the ballot, or worse.

But with every step they take to prevent Trump from reclaiming office, they dig their graves just a little deeper, further justifying their future prosecution.

In the end, this will be a net positive for Trump. It will only fuel the anti-establishment movement that much more, and it provides Trump with future political ammunition to unleash on his enemies.


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