Connect the Dots to the US Debt Clock

Connect the Dots to the US Debt Clock

How to Spend New Money into Circulation

America is the land of milk and honey, that’s the prize that attracts the best of the best. What is never told in the Hollywood version, is how hard it is and how tough you must be. The rise to the top is not easy but anyone can have a crack at it in USA. The end result is a breed of people much tougher and way harder working than people understand. Go anywhere in the world and you will find them there, the Americans.

Racism is a cunning ploy by the same group that have opened the borders to illegal aliens. America busted through the racism barrier decades ago. Sure I get that some young militants harbour deep resentment and have crossed that border to take up arms against America. To them I would suggest, they should have watched more Clint Eastwood movies.

The Great Escape may become a last chance, for millions of immigrants who want to leave on their own recognizance. My prediction is that Digital ID will become mass adopted and those that qualify will be granted payments in the New Money, provided they follow the rules.

Mass Adoption of Digital ID

Ever since the Prime Minister of Canada froze bank accounts of citizens who supported truckers, during the Freedom Convoy (Canada convoy protest), the world has become hesitant to Digital ID. The best way to overcome these negative beliefs, is to pay people to accept the new digital ID wallet, and agree to the terms of the offer.

Take the milk and honey back to your country of origin and spread it everywhere in between.

For those illegal aliens that don’t make the great escape and stay for the showdown at high noon; Adios, may you rest in peace. We had to bury your remains in an unmarked grave because you trashed your ID at the border.

My theory is that the new money has already been printed and minted, far and wide. The new Quantum Banking System is in place globally, to dispense the new currency from ATM machines world-wide.

Digital ID is actually a really good idea, it protects the individual and provides value. Having your ID spy on you is not a good idea, say; to report your carbon footprint, or your spending habits. However this technology is not evil, if the currency is not connected to your Digital ID. The intention would be to separate those who play by the rules, from those with something else in mind.

The new money is finite and backed by real assets, as indicated by US Debt Clock. The Government would not be able, nor want to create more than what is needed. If it doesn’t bear interest, there’s no incentive to lend the new money into circulation. There needs to be enough to settle old debt obligations, in order to keep the hard asset values of real property, stable and secure.

In God We Trust, it says on the money, is not a slogan it’s an ethos. America will forgive, if you go in peace.

What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?Romans 8:31