Consider The Reality Of Where We Are

Consider The Reality Of Where We Are

Advanced Medical Technology. Financial Restitution. Infrastructure Renovation. Free Energy. Food Replicators. Mass Disclosure. Do you want to know the real reason why you do not have these things yet?

The answer it quite simple.

Why would all of these things be rolled out while you have illegal immigrants in your country?

Why would financial programs be implemented to help impoverished communities be employed with foreign intruders running around?

Why would disclosure be revealed to the American people about what has happened when foreign government are still financing agents provocateur?

Why would governments prioritize groundbreaking technologies and infrastructural developments when there are pressing concerns about national security and internal border instability?

Why would resources be allocated towards futuristic solutions like free energy and food replicators when basic needs like housing and healthcare remain unaddressed for significant portions of the population?

This is why we are in this waiting period. People want all of these things when our house is in disarray. Why in the world would D. Trump do this when he has stated on record that he will implement the most wide sweeping deportation this country has ever seen?

Guess what?

Until we get thus basic problem out of the way we will not get all this fancy stuff we are waiting for. Do you know how challenging it would be to remove all of these illegal aliens once they found out all these advances were coming before they were removed and sent back to their country?

And that’s not even mentioning all of the sleeper cells. That’s not even mentioning all of possible false flags. That’s not even mentioning the weather wars.

Remember the The controversial immigration bill, House Bill 4156, passed by the Oklahoma Senate on April 23, 2024?

With a vote of 39 to 8. Guess what happened that same week?

The tornadoes hit Oklahoma on April 27, 2024. Donald Trump does not want anyone taking advantage of this critical period when all of this will be unveiled to us. Because that would be a moment where the Deep State would pounce on us like never before.

All of their finances have dried up. Drug Trafficking Human Trafficking Money Laundering All of which were responsible for the funding of all of the DUMBS and the secret Black Projects that were going to be used to wipe us all out.

This would be a gamble at this stage to release all the things we presume will benefit humanity. Many people who are not supposed to be here have to be removed. Because as I said the official kick-off to what will initiate this paradigm shift is the revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar. And this will create the new 1% who will actually use their new found wealth to finance all of the things that have been denied to us. This is why people like Jared Rand can not move forward on his project to build his version of what many refer to as Med-Beds.

People this is not difficult to do. You all have been shut out from monumental technology that was co-opted by these corporations.




All these companies are for profit. They do not want to liberate humanity. They do not want you living like a type 1 civilization. Unless they can figure out a way to make money by selling products that took or stole from the original creators.

But there are emerging markets with people who are ready to take humanity to the next level.

And guess where this will start?