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WHO are trying to Blame “the Climate Crisis” for the Unprecedented Level of Excess Deaths


So the WHO are trying to blame “the climate crisis” for the unprecedented level of excess deaths. And according to the WHO it’s not the toxic spike protein from the Covid injections causing increases in diseases like diabetes, cancer & respiratory illness – but air pollution and extreme temperatures!!


This is disgraceful dishonesty from Tedros – not only is he covering up for the adverse events from the vaccines the he promoted – but he’s falsely blaming “climate change” as part of the WHO‘s power grab under their Global Pandemic Treaty The truth is the number of deaths from air pollution is in decline – since 1990 death rates have nearly halved – from 156 deaths per 100,000 down to 85.6 deaths per 100,000 in 2019 – the exact opposite of Tedros’s lies.


And deaths from extreme temperatures are also in decline – again the exact opposite of Tedros‘s lies If you follow the peer-reviewed science, the facts are that cold weather kills many times more than heat. And moderate warming over recent decades has reduced deaths from temperature extremes not increase them. https://thelancet.com/journals/lanplh/article/PIIS2542-5196(21)00081-4/fulltext…

A study published in the Lancet concluded that between 2000/3 to 2016/19 that warmer temperatures caused 116,000 extra heat deaths, but avoided 238,000 deaths from extreme cold – therefore in net terms the world has experienced 166,000 fewer deaths from extreme temperatures.

It is inconceivable that the WHO is unaware of these facts – and the only conclusion is that they are lying. Intentionally trying to deceive people. Yet Tedros has the hide to put out a video a few days earlier complaining about “a torrent of misinformation and disinformation”.

The WHO have demonstrated they can‘t be trusted.

Instead of ceding sovereignty and handing more power to these unelected & unaccountable scoundrels at the WHO – we should be telling them to take a running leap, and cutting off funding. But instead we’ve just had Penny Wong hand Tedros millions of Australian taxpayer funds.