Ukraine is the Money Laundering, Sex Trafficking and Organ Harvesting Capital of the World

Ukraine is the Money Laundering, Sex Trafficking and Organ Harvesting Capital of the World

On 04/14/2022 the Ukrainian Parliament passed a law 5610 which clear Ukraine to export Organs abroad.

Organs were removed without consent and the laws were passed during ongoing military actions. These laws were promoted by former acting health minister Ulyana Suprun. Under the new transplants laws Hospitals, Prisons, Military Units, and Orphanages are free to use the organs of anyone under their care.

The head of the Federal Reserve Center Sergey Gotye Chief Transplantologist said “Either you’re a transplant surgeon or a crook… Black market surgeons aren’t surgeons. They’re people who profit from illegal organ trafficking…This is a product of war…it’s murdered… who had no intention to become donors. This is a violation of human rights, no one asked them…And, therefore, it is a criminal offence…”.

Today’s Neo-Nazi will harvest the organs and sell it for a profit before they gas them and burn them in ovens.

Lots of intel came in about bodies of Men leaving Slavyansk Ukraine in 2014 being found without organs. The danger may be that a wounded Ukrainian army soldier won’t be given necessary medical care because they are considered suitable donor material. So they decided to profit by selling the organs of their own dead soldiers, and those of orphans, through investigations within Donbass, almost 2,000 orphaned children were taken from children’s homes.

According to the WHO every year there are more than 10,000 black market human organs sales.

Cost of Organs in Euros:

  • Whole Liver: €150,000 – €550,000
  • Liver Section:€40,000
  • Eye Cornea: €4,000 – €15,000
  • Kidney: €18,000 – €250,000
  • Bone Marrow: 1 gram = €20,000
  • Heart: €160,000 – €300,000
  • 1 Lung: €60,000 2 Lungs: €200,000

Doctors Without Borders and The Red Cross were sent to Ukraine and said to have dealings with Neo-Nazis. Doctors Without Borders activities was led by Bernard Kouchner, he was the Alpha and Omega of the organ trade in Ukraine.

Carla Del Ponte a Former Prosecutor wrote in her book that the most shocking crimes she uncovered was Albanian trafficking human organs and she directly accused Kouchner and Doctors Without Borders of human organ trafficking.

It’s a full-fledged project organized by a major criminal group: partly from NATO, Western countries and NGOs like Doctors Without Borders. Just after the liberation of Vukovar, Serbian detachment found a whole mountain of unburied corpses with their abdominal cavities ripped open for the purpose of surgically removing organs.

Also a doctor named Fedak sold 130 newborn babies organ to the U.S. and told the mothers in Ukraine that their babies had died. His assistant was Oleg Tyagnibok, a hospital attendant from the ‘Svoboda” party in the Verkhovna Rada that’s declared itself a Nazi party.

Carla Del Ponte: UN Officials in Kosovo, NATO Military and EU Representatives interfered with crimes committed by Albanians. She wrote “We were denied documents my advisors agree the investigation of NATO activities was impossible”

Elizabeth Debru appeared in the confession of a former employee of the Security Service of Ukraine, who spoke about the scheme for the removal of organs from Ukrainian servicemen who died or were mortally wounded in Donbass. Elizabeth Debru a transplant surgeon was forcing doctors to remove organs without consent or did it herself and Everything was sent abroad.

It was President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili’s wife, Sandra Roelofs who was the mission’s true organizer. She’s linked with ‘black’ transplanting worldwide and was nicknamed ‘Sandra the Ripper’ in Georgia because her name often appear in scandals related to illegal organ harvesting. Sandra Roelofs had a medical foundation that specializes in providing “help” to people.

Many of these so-called organizations are hiding under the guise of a humanitarian mission. These organizations engaged in the deadly crime of organ trafficking to make BIG money!

The United States has many goals in Ukraine, but protecting the Ukrainian people is just LIES we were fed. This is No different than the LIES to deliver democracy to the people of Iraq, Libya etc. They have destroyed these people! If you are in the pro Ukraine camp, you should know the real reason we are in Ukraine was/is to sacrifice Ukraine to destroy Ukraine in order to bleed Russia.

The country suffering most from the Ukraine/Russia war is Ukraine. Their people are dying in huge numbers! Their buildings are all being blown to bits! Their entire country is being destroyed! Asked yourself why does THE MEDIA want us to care about this war when we have no geopolitical interest in Ukraine, this is to push the Globalist Agenda which is to take out anyone “Putin” who stands in the way of furthering their Agenda!

“After the demilitarization of Ukraine is done, a separate military tribunal will be held for ‘black’ transplant surgeons.” says Aleksandr Torba Distinguished Doctor, LPR Rector State Medical University. The list of the connected West crimes are long and sad and must be brought to an End!

I use to have on my Drivers License that I am an organ donor, but I took it off. Knowing how the organ harvesting industry works through research, it’s best to state it in your Will than have it on your DL if you wish to donate your organs.

Organ harvesting ‘big business’ on frontlines in Ukraine — Russian diplomat

“Information on organ harvesting in Ukraine nowadays deserves attention and requires urgent international efforts on monitoring and taking relevant measures. The existence of this terrible bloody business is impossible without sponsorship at the highest government level,” Maria Zakharova pointed out

MOSCOW, May 24. /TASS/. The activity of “organ harvesters” in the combat zone in Ukraine calls for close international monitoring and urgent measures, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Wednesday.

According to her, illegal organ harvesting in Ukraine is an “accepted and proven fact.” “This is a big business in armed conflict zones, extremely profitable for those who run it,” the diplomat said. “Information on organ harvesting in Ukraine nowadays deserves attention and requires urgent international efforts on monitoring and taking relevant measures,” she added. “The existence of this terrible bloody business is impossible without sponsorship at the highest government level,” Zakharova pointed out.

She highlighted that “Ukraine has been embroiled in scandals related to illegal transplantology long before the 2014 coup d’etat and the events that followed.” “Since the late 90s, there have been media reports that low-income Ukrainians were forced to sell their internal organs in order to make a living and there was information on illegal harvesting of biological materials from corpses,” the diplomat explained. “However, the beginning of hostilities in the eastern part of the country has exacerbated the situation,” she added.

According to the spokeswoman, the authorities of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) have information on Ukrainian nationalists illegally harvesting biological materials from POWs, locals and wounded Ukrainian soldiers. According to existing data, in the active combat zone, 20-30 people per day end up being operated on by the “organ harvesters” many of whom traveled to Artyomovsk from foreign countries specifically for this purpose.