Trump and the Art of War

Trump Endorsement of Dr. Oz is Masterful Moves in the Art of War

Trump Endorsement of Dr. Oz is Masterful Moves in the Art of War

Hide your children if this guy’s elected!

Barnette had been stuck in the middle of the primary field for months.

Trump endorsed Oz and two things immediately happened.

  1. Support for Oz and Mccormick began to split and Barnette surged into a virtual first place tie.
  2. Dr. Oz was massively exposed (think Fauci).

Pompeo (one of Trump’s right hand men) labeled Oz as a national security threat. Do you honestly think there is that big of a disconnect between Trump and his former secretary of state/director of the CIA?

Not only that, but people are learning more and more about the WEF and how they operate, which is vitally important to the overall awakening of humanity.

I had to remind people of this over and over when Trump was supporting the vaccines…not only was that neccessary to ruin the Globalist’s plans of a 5 year lockdown and forced injections, but EVERY PERSON CLOSE TO TRUMP WAS BASHING THE VACCINES WHILE HE SUPPORTED THEM.

His family, his former national security advisor, the cousin of his good friend JFK Jr. (RFK), his deputy chief of staff for communications (scavino), his entire base…again do you think there was that big of a disconnect between Trump and the people closest to him on such a monumental issue?

Of course not.

Trump tweeted many times in the past about the dangers of vaccines and the links to autism. Do you think he was lying?

Trump called out the Pfizer booster shots as a money making scheme.

Trump stayed calm and kept us from panicking over the pandemic which would have played directly into the Globalist’s plans. They needed more chaos and fear. Trump stayed strong and kept his base level-headed.

Trump put his neck on the line by proving that our news is fake after they attacked him for using and suggesting safe and effective therapeutics.

I could go on, but you get the point.

It’s amazing to me that people STILL haven’t realized that optics are ALWAYS at play and nothing is ever quite as it seems.

Trump is ALWAYS proven right.

Trump is ALWAYS steps ahead.

There’s a reason for that.