The Truth is Painful; John Durham will Reveal ALL Evidence

The Truth is Painful; John Durham will Reveal ALL Evidence


The tolerance ends now! All patriots must receive my message. The time of ignorance is coming to an end with this announcement.

In one week period I will REVEAL ALL evidence. The TRUTH will survive- prepare backups, inform your contacts- you will see things that will shake this country to it’s foundation.

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Durham Report

Judging by the way you responded to my call definitely proves that! The truth is painful, but also useful. It is the ONLY key to open the door to HOPE.

The shift in the powers is so strong it caused huge STORM coming from the EAST.

Those who betrayed their own kin will face severe consequences. The storm is coming…

Please spread the word in SEVEN days the truth will be revealed to the followers of the loyal martyrdom of American independence and patriotism.🇺🇸💪🙏

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John Durham (

Appointments as special investigator

Whitey Bulger case

Amid allegations that FBI informants James “Whitey” Bulger and Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi had corrupted their handlers, US Attorney General Janet Reno named Durham special prosecutor in 1999. He oversaw a task force of FBI agents brought in from other offices to investigate the Boston office’s handling of informants. In 2002, Durham helped secure the conviction of retired FBI agent John J. Connolly Jr., who was sentenced to 10 years in prison on federal racketeering charges for protecting Bulger and Flemmi from prosecution and warning Bulger to flee just before the gangster’s 1995 indictment. Durham’s task force also gathered evidence against retired FBI agent H. Paul Rico who was indicted in Oklahoma on state charges that he helped Bulger and Flemmi kill a Tulsa businessman in 1981. Rico died in 2004 before the case went to trial.

CIA interrogation tapes destruction

In 2008, Durham was appointed by Attorney General Michael Mukasey to investigate the destruction of CIA videotapes of detainee interrogations. On November 8, 2010, Durham closed the investigation without recommending any criminal charges be filed. Durham’s final report remains secret but was the subject of an unsuccessful lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act filed by The New York Times reporter Charlie Savage.

Torture investigation

In August 2009, Attorney General Eric Holder appointed Durham to lead the Justice Department’s investigation of the legality of CIA’s use of so-called “enhanced interrogation techniques” in the torture of detainees. Durham’s mandate was to look at only those interrogations that had gone “beyond the officially sanctioned guidelines”, with Attorney General Holder saying interrogators who had acted in “good faith” based on the guidance found in the Torture Memos issued by the Bush Justice Department were not to be prosecuted. Later in 2009, University of Toledo law professor Benjamin G. Davis attended a conference where former officials of the Bush administration had told conference participants shocking stories, and accounts of illegality on the part of more senior Bush officials. Davis wrote an appeal to former Bush officials to take their accounts of illegality directly to Durham. A criminal investigation into the deaths of two detainees, Gul Rahman in Afghanistan and Manadel al-Jamadi in Iraq, was opened in 2011. It was closed in 2012 with no charges filed.

Appointment as special counsel

In April 2019, Attorney General William Barr announced that he had launched a review of the origins of the FBI’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections and it was reported in May that he had assigned Durham to lead it several weeks earlier. Durham was given the authority “to broadly examin[e] the government’s collection of intelligence involving the Trump campaign’s interactions with Russians,” reviewing government documents and requesting voluntary witness statements. In December 2020, Barr revealed to Congress that he had secretly appointed Durham special counsel on October 19. He stayed on in this capacity after he resigned as U.S. Attorney. The U.S. Justice Department’s first official expenditure report for the special investigation showed that it had spent $1.5 million from Oct 19, 2020, to March 31, 2021; Durham was not required to report expenditures made before being designated special counsel.

United States Department of Justice image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay