The Professor’s Record on “DeSantimonius.”

The Professor’s Record on “DeSantimonius.”

By Professor David K. Clements

Everyone is talking.

The left, the establishment RINO right, and the so-called “patriot right” that is easily offended by mean tweets, but in theory, loves everything Trump stands for—-except for the man himself.

A major narrative will emerge. The left will promote DeSantis over Trump as a responsible alternative to Trump, while criticizing DeSantis in a minor way to keep up appearances. This political theater will look like reasonable concessions from the left. The sheep will agree. The left prefers ANYONE over Trump.

The RINO establishment and so-called patriot right will focus on division, and blame Trump for the division. With a subtle push, DeSantis will be praised as a unifier who provides a Trump like policy approach, but with the predictable polish they love.

My response?

Trump has not divided the country. He has merely brought to the surface the divisions that were already there, and in the process awoke the American people before it was too late.

The 2020 election was stolen. “We the People” were deprived of their legitimate Commander-in-Chief through a national coup, carried out by the actions of democratic Marxists and the omissions of RINOs and so-called patriots that loved their power more than the rule of law.

DeSantis falls into the category of “omission.”

DeSantis never spoke out about the stolen election, and never addressed how every Floridian was deprived of their real President.

DeSantis never speaks out about our J6 prisoners rotting in a cell.

DeSantis never fought for Trump.

DeSantis has positioned himself to replace Trump.

Is DeSantis the best governor in the United States? Arguably—-yes. That’s why he is an attractive option.

But wouldn’t DeSantis have been an infinitely better governor if he would have fought for our President since November 3, 2020?

Friends, stop merely looking at what people say and do. DeSantis says and does a lot of good things.

Look at the silence of your leaders on the most important issues. DeSantis’ silence on the stolen election and rigged election machines speaks volumes.

Return the diamonds.

Source: The Professor’s Record