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The only thing we have to fear is fear itself (and child sex trafficking)

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt
Fight Back

FDR was right when he made this statement in 1933.

One of the enemy’s greatest weapons is FEAR.

God did not create His children with a spirit of FEAR. Rather, He created His children with a spirit of FEARLESSNESS.

Covid-19 was an integral part of the enemy’s plan to install one world government. The Commie Deep State Mockingbird Propaganda media instilled FEAR in the American public 24/7 with its exaggerated and often outright false claims of rising death tolls from Covid-19. The enemy wanted to shut down and lock down our country with FEAR.

The enemy would have correctly claimed that it would take years to develop and test a true vaccine.

Can you imagine the devastating impact on life, liberty, and property our nation would have experienced if we had been totally shut down and locked down for 1-3 years or longer waiting for the alleged development of a true vaccine. Even then, did the enemy plan to really provide a true vaccine for Covid—19? Or was the enemy plan to develop a “vaccine” that would further the enemy’s goal of depopulation?

I believe President Trump outmaneuvered the enemy with Operation WarpSpeed. I believe that Operation WarpSpeed has many purposes.

The rapid development of an emergency “vaccine” prevented the enemy from shutting down and locking down our nation by overcoming the FEAR factor. As a result, the nation had the time to become informed about the TRUTH of Covid-19. With this information, FEAR also subsided as many then refused to voluntarily take the “vaccine.”

The enemy’s next tactic was then revealed sooner than the enemy had planned – mandates. Forced “vaccinations.” How is that working out in a nation founded on freedom, including medical freedom?

In addition to the WarpSpeed “vaccine” President Trump and other knowledgeable individuals quickly informed the public of safe and effective therapeutic treatments available for Covid-19.

Stay with me if you will.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸 Lin Wood, [2021-12-20 8:55 PM]

I see many replies attacking President Trump for recommending the “vaccine.” Is he doing so to reduce the fear factor? Time will tell.

President Trump has consistently opposed mandates. The character Biden has quickly pushed mandates. The enemy has revealed its plan.

I have been consistent in my belief that our country is engaged at this time in a non-shooting war. We were attacked with a planned bioweapon. Our federal elections are critical infrastructure and federal elections were subjected to cyberattacks in November of 2020 and again in January of 2021 (GA Senate runoff).

I believe President Trump is a wartime Commander in Chief who faces extremely difficult choices to protect, defend, and preserve our nation and our freedom.

I believe We The People should wait until ALL the facts are known before passing judgment on the President’s wartime strategy and tactics designed to achieve victory. The military and its Commander have employed the tactic of military deception. Research General Patton for example.

I don’t think it is smart to reveal your tactics and timing to the enemy. Do you?

Lin Wood

This war is being fought on many fronts and it is not inconceivable that in time, it could evolve into a shooting war. We must be FEARLESS and prepared at all times for an uncertain future.

No one should blame the President for the individual’s decision to take the “vaccine.” ALL individuals bear the responsibility for the consequences of the decisions he or she makes.

We should make our own medical decisions based on our own information with or without the input of informed medical providers as we choose the case to be.

President Trump is not a medical doctor. He can speak for himself as to his own decisions and thoughts but in the end, we are the ones who must make our own decisions.

Stay with me if you will. Lin Wood, [2021-12-20 9:17 PM]

I believe we are engaged in a war that it about much more than establishing the enemy cheated in the November 2020 and the January 2021 federal elections. The major objectives sought to be achieved take time. We must continue to be patient knowing that there is suffering and sacrifice during war.

I trust God. We are engaged in a battle of good v. evil – God v. the devil. God has already won but He is allowing this battle being fought in the heavens to play out on Earth in order to teach us and our nation many lessons we will not forget for many generations. God works in mysterious ways.

In terms of flesh and blood on Earth, who do you trust? President Trump or the character playing Biden? Is there any national leader you trust more than President Trump at this time? If so, who?

One more thought if you will stay with me. Lin Wood, [2021-12-20 9:30 PM]

Is my analysis right? Only time will tell. I am just trying to make sense out of things that often appear to make no sense. And I also hope to stir your critical thought processes so that you can be at peace by finding your own TRUTH.

I do know this – Almighty God created this nation and only Almighty God can save it and us.

In these extraordinary times, we just turn our eyes back to Jesus and pray for revelation, repentance: and restoration.

God answers the prayers of His children.

Don’t rely on man. Rely on God. Wait on the LORD.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

The real pandemic is child sex trafficking

The real pandemic is child sex trafficking