To understand what is happening in “Ukraine” you have to go back in history to 1815.

Russia, Austria (Habsburg Empire) and Germany (German Empire) form the “Holy Alliance.” The Holy Alliance of 1815 was made after the fall of First French Empire. On Sept. 26 Emperor Alexander I, Austrian Emperor Franz I, and the Prussian King Frederick William III signed “The Act of Holy Alliance” in Paris.

The main goal of the union was to restrain liberalism and secularism in Europe.

After that the Russian sent his Navy to the USA (New York & San Francisco) to protect America from the British. Again THE RUSSIAN NAVY PROTECTED AMERICA FROM THE BRITISH EMPIRE 207 YEARS AGO. ☝️

At that time, Abraham Lincoln even had to flee from the British to Alaska. (Alaska then belonged to the Russian Tsar). The Russian “Tsar Alexander I” then offered Lincoln PROTECTION.

The British thought that if the Russians support the Americans, then things will look bad for us, but if Russia and the Americans support Germany, we Brits are OUT. So the Briton incited the Turks (Ottoman Empire) and the Crimean Tartars to fight the Russians. Shortly thereafter, the Crimean War broke out.

EVERYTHING known from “history ONLY served to stop this Holy Alliance (White Army). Because it was the states (Holy Alliance) that called for conservative peace and the rule of law the most.

That was torture for the Brit. The Briton had 6 opponents at the time. Chinese Empire, German Empire, Habsburg Empire, Ottoman Empire, America and Russia. What do you do now as a Briton (UK) ???
You incite the enemies against each other. The plan was to destroy Russia, America and Germany forever.

Learn the history! Knowledge is power.
“The more you know. Q”

Source: The real John Quent