The Deep State are in Real Trouble

The Deep State are in Real Trouble

Tucker’s reach is the biggest on Earth. His interview with Trump did 267M views on X alone

Whatever Tucker is doing in Russia, the Deep State are terrified of it. They know one of their darkest secrets is about to get massive exposure.

They did the same exact thing when Trump and Flynn got close to Putin. They threw an absolute fit and cried “treason”.

Why? Because they are afraid of what Putin would share with Trump.

Putin is anti-Globalist. Putin knows about their criminality in Ukraine. Putin knows where the bodies are buried.

Putin has repeatedly called out the West’s perversion and widespread pedophilia. He calls out the Western oligarchs’ plot to create biological weapons and manufacture biological crises to enrich themselves and steal elections via mail-in voting. Putin is as red-pilled as they come.

They can’t have any of these truths on the airwaves, let alone on the biggest platform on the planet. If the public learn Putin is not the bad guy, the Deep State’s entire narrative crumbles.

Putin has been warning the world for years about the dangers of the US developing ethnic bioweapons. He has been vocal about the US-funded Biolabs in Ukraine experimenting with bat coronaviruses and creating bioweapons.

Putin has also not been shy about who is behind this brazen plot. Russian MIL cite that Obama, Clinton, Biden, and Soros, are the main ideologists responsible for crimes against humanity.

This is why I support Putin and care about the Biolabs in Ukraine so much. Because this is our most plausible and direct path to accountability for crimes against humanity.