Military Arrests Dr. Fauci’s NIH Assistant

Real Raw News: Military Arrests Dr. Fauci’s NIH Assistant

Real Raw News: Military Arrests Dr. Fauci’s NIH Assistant

U.S. Marines on Thursday arrested Patricia L. Conrad, special assistant to NIH Director Anthony S. Fauci, at her home in Bethesda, Maryland, after obtaining a military arrest warrant signed by Deputy Judge Advocate General Christopher C. French, a JAG source told Real Raw News.

Conrad’s detainment came as a surprise, for her name had not been previously mentioned, nor had it appeared on any radar until Thursday. On paper, she seems like a ghost; her LinkedIn page lists no employment history prior to working at the NIH, and search engine queries returned vague results that gave no hint as to exactly what her job title entailed. But a deep dive into her background revealed she is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine who worked at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine before joining Fauci at the NIH.  Nonetheless, much of her digital footprint seems to have been purged from the internet.

Despite her apparent clean slate, the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps said it had acquired indisputable evidence proving Conrad was a major player in Fauci’s Covid crimes. Although our source would not presently disclose JAG’s evidence, citing ongoing investigations, he said evidence will be made public after JAG decides whether she must face a military tribunal.

“If she helps us get Fauci, she may be shown leniency, but it’s too early to tell right now,” our source said.

Asked whether her arrest might spook Fauci into hiding, he added, “The coward’s already hiding. He’s rarely seen in public, and when he is, he’s pretty much the most protected man in the world. The Deep State shields him in an entourage of like 50 guards and he’s never at the same place very long. He hasn’t been at NIH headquarters in months. We know Conrad has incriminating info on Fauci, and we believe she can help us nab him. She is a zealous, fanatical Fauci advocate, and her arrest was valid.”

The arrest took place early Thursday morning. U.S. Marines breeched her front door and found her awake on a sofa watching television. According to our source, Conrad began screaming at the top of her lungs and reaching for her cellular phone as the Marines stormed inside. One Marine slapped the phone from her hand while another Marine held her at bay with the business end of his M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle. Conrad was shown the warrant, then subdued and escorted from the premises into a civilian vehicle.

“As with all arrests, she’s been taken to a processing center. I can’t say where that is. We know she has beneficial intel, and we’re hoping to extract it from her,” our source said.

Source: Real Raw News

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