Political Prisoners: COUTTS 4

Political Prisoners: COUTTS 4

A Canada wide event in support of these 4 innocent Alberta men

  • Chris Lysak
  • Jerry Morin
  • Chris Carbert
  • Anthony Olienick

A Canada wide event is being planned and organized now in support of these 4 innocent Alberta men – to which the RCMP manufactured the crimes, arrested the innocent, and to advance the political agendas of Trudeau and his treasonous Liberal party.

FEBRUARY 15, 2024: This event will be happening at courthouses across Canada. The main objective of this event is to raise awareness for the Coutts 4 and to inspire Canadians to take action!

Confirmed Event Coordinators:

  • Edmonton, Calgary, Kelowna

Pending Event Coordinators:

  • Lethbridge, Penticton, Abbottsford and Vancouver…

If you would like to organize for your community, reach out to 1-780-349-0181 for more info.