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Open Letter to President Donald J. Trump – Let’s Finish This!

Open Letter to President Donald J. Trump – Let’s Finish This!

Over the past six plus years, your personality, charm, witty and sarcastic nature and the ability to “stand up for the little guy” has infected each and every true Patriot that our country has within our population. More so, the way you have led our Nation since January of 2017 has caught the attention of other countries across the world, and your popularity has never before been seen by a politician or any other celebrity that is walked in the public eye.

Trum - Drain it!

When the main-stream-media told lies about you, we saw right through them. When the corrupt Congress impeached you (twice), we were there to support you both times, and tried our hardest to convince our family, friends, and colleagues that you did nothing wrong, and we’re simply being targeted by a corrupt Department of Justice, FBI, CIA, and even members of your own Administration.

When they told us, you were a bigot, racist, rapist, foreign asset, and bad businessman. We didn’t believe a word of it, and instead fought back with facts, instead of rumours. The Patriots in our country have never and will never turn our backs on you. You are OUR President, and for the rest of our lives, you always will be. Even when you’re no longer with us. We Love you, and we respect and admire your ability to take all of those hits, and keep getting back up swinging. And the entire time you were doing it for us. Not for yourself.

Now that we have placed all of that in perspective, myself, and my followers, want to let you know, something very important: You are rapidly, losing some of us. We have suffered job loss. We have suffered ridicule. We have suffered anxiety, that cannot be put into words. We have lost loved ones and we continue to lose loved ones. Not only have we lost them because of the Plandemic deaths, but we have also lost family because of our continued support for you, even after the election fraud.

Trump whispered back

Regardless of what happens in the November midterms, we have grave concerns about that the 2020 election fraud has still not been dealt with by your Administration or by the United States military. We are watching a fraudulent President tear down the very pillars that our Beloved Country was built upon. The United States of America has become a laughing stock to other nations across the world, the exact opposite of their feelings compared to when you were in office. Our economy has collapsed too levels we have never seen. Small businesses have been decimated. Our citizens cannot afford gasoline, to go to work without sacrificing food, rent, or mortgage payments, and their own healthcare. 

President Trump: The time to act is -now-. We have waited, and waited and waited. We appreciate the “17” references. We appreciate the Gematria hints. We appreciate the foul language at rallies. We know you are counting on us to be patient and we know you are signalling to us that “everything is under control”.

But everyday life on our level, as citizens of the United States of America, is anything but “under control”. People are committing suicide, daily, because of the current political atmosphere. People will continue to be poisoned in our hospitals, and a not allowed to be released unless treated with harmful Cabal-promoted drugs. We are tired. We are desperate. We are pissed off.

We need you. The time has come. Please pull the trigger. We are here for you and will act on your command. 

Lovingly and Sincerely,

The Patriots of the United States of America