Nano Graphene Oxide is Luciferase a Brand Name for Black Goo

Nano Graphene Oxide is Luciferase a Brand Name for Black Goo

Nano Graphene Oxide is the strongest material on Earth. There is a great deal of information on the web…just search the term. What they won’t tell you is that it is the same as what we call “black goo” which was also depicted in the famous X-files TV series. It emerged during the FALKLANDS WAR and was the real reason for the war. It is apparently embedded in the Earth. Said to be left here by an alien species then activated remotely. It is conscious and sentient. It was responsible for the deaths of the MARCONI SCIENTISTS during the time of the Falkland war. And re-emerged eating the bottom of boats in the GULF … was publicized falsely as the “Gulf Oil Spill”. Which they used “cor-exit” on to stop it.

Nano Graphene Oxide

Kerry Cassidy has a whistleblowers who told her the real truth on Nano Graphene Oxide. Their testimony corroborates with each other. It has now obviously been reverse-engineered from the black goo that I was told is even part of certain OIL you use in your car… If you touch it… like the Marconi scientists, your body eventually gets taken over by it. The Marconi scientists who died all died mysteriously by committing suicide in totally alien type ways.. All of the Marconi deaths are documented in writing on the RENSE.COM website…


As observed by many doctors during the so-called Covid pandemic.. including Dr. Carrie Madej and Dr. Young and many others.. Nano graphene oxice GROWS and replicates once activated by body temperature and apparently also 5G. Eventually taking over cells and clogging arteries and causing cardiac arrest etc.

Source: Project Camelot

Black Goo…what is it?