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May 11 Meetup

The medical tyranny we find ourselves subjected to has become the elephant in every room, no matter what the purpose or content of any meeting. The topic will always return to the subject of the Corona, whether it be masks or needles, the topic dominates the minds of every participant, of every gathering and get-together and it should because we are not getting all the truth.

The fact is that Rockefeller Foundation published a document in 2010 called “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” that contained in the Global Vaccination Action plan, or GVAP. Today we are experiencing GVAP as a plan, directly from a manual. Was this a “plan” demic?

Survival of Corona is approximately 99.6% and much of the world has reached herd immunity by the definition but the news media report new fear and add fear to more fear but never report on the survivors or the alternate treatments. There seems to be one main objective in today’s world, to vaccinate as many people as possible. Now the Governor of New York has announced segregation to the entrances of the famous Yankee Stadium, non-vaccinated and vaccinated, the other cities including Vancouver will follow-along without ever a question.

My assessment is that we have an evil medical tyranny that’s gone rogue, controlled by politicians and media that have crossed the point of no-return back to the truth. Any effort to share the testimonies of people that have been harmed by the vaccine, or any reporting of the deaths all over the world.

Frontline Workers Testimonies VAERS Report

Rand Paul and Anthony Fauci argue over theories about COVID-19’s origin

Sen. Rand Paul has Anthony Fauci dead to rights on the charge of sending taxpayer money to the Wuhan virus lab. From 2014 to July 13, 2020 (!), NIAID sent $3.75 million to EcoHealth Alliance to study “bat coronavirus emergence.” EHA then sent $600k of that to the Wuhan lab.

Let’s take a look at what was done with Fauci’s grants to EcoHealthAlliance/Wuhan: “[W]e constructed an infectious clone” of a SARS-like bat coronavirus. That is the literal definition of “gain-of-function” genetic research.


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