Letter from State Legislators to the American People Reference the 2020 Election

Letter from State Legislators to the American People Reference the 2020 Election

92 Legislators from Multiple States Write a Letter to the American People Calling for a 50-State Audit, Decertification Where Appropriate, and Possible Convening of the US House of Representatives


Today, Senator Paul Boyer sent an email to his colleagues claiming the Audit proved the Joe Biden won, and that if there was any fraud, we would have seen something the first thing this morning. Perhaps this is a little late for him, however I have chosen to submit a 1487 complaint to the Attorney General’s office asking for a formal investigation into the unanswered questions that were raised by the Summer audit preliminary report, as well as last Friday’s final report. Because this is a 1487 request, it is required by law for these questions to be investigated and answered within 30 days. I did ask a multitude of questions, however I believe we already have the answers that were obtained by the audit committee. It should not take the full 30 days, but it if does and takes longer, I will reissue a new 1487 to reset the clock for the more time-consuming issues. I am not satisfied with unanswered questions and unreported issues. I want to know what laws were broken, who broke them, and who will be held accountable.

Please see below a full list of what was asked of the Attorney General today. I look forward to his response.

Appendix A
Ballot Paper Issues –
A.R.S. § 16-468(2) and A.R.S. § 16-502(A).

  1. It has come to my attention that there may have been multiple types of paper used that were not authorized. Please provide evidence of all of the various papers that were purchased and used from a company that provides such legally authorized paper.
  2. Who were the suppliers of paper for both Runbeck printed ballots and the day of election ballots of an kind?
  3. Did Dominion supply any paper for ballots? If so, please provide purchase orders to show where this paper came from and if it met the standards of our statutes.
  4. At any time did any precinct need to buy paper that ran out on Election Day? If so, which precincts ran out of paper and where did Maricopa County procure additional paper? Who was responsible for supplying that paper and do we have explanation as to why it ran out?
  5. Maricopa County said they used VoteSecure paper by Roland. Please provide purchase orders and which VoteSecure paper that were used and where.
  6. If these processes regarding the use of ballot secure paper were not followed correctly and by state law, who would be held accountable for these violations?
  7. As a member of the Arizona Senate, I received information regarding irregular ballots that were inserted among the other ballots. These ballots were being logged and tracked in an official log book. Please report back how many of these anomalies were found, and what do the logs say about them. Additionally, what were the vote tallies on those ballots?
  8. In the preliminary report, we received information that the ballots had bled through and caused overvotes, despite the Legislature being told that these issues would not happen due to ballot secure paper that was impermeable from Sharpie ink. Please report back any information obtained regarding the county having ballots that had bleed through and what effect that had on adjudication rate.
  9. If different types of ballot paper were used for different precincts and voters, and occasionally non ballot secure paper was used creating bleed through and overvote / artifact, leading to adjudication rates being high among some voters and not others, would that constitute an unequal application of policy / election security and a 14th Amendment violation of the voter’s civil rights?

Signature / Envelope Issues

  1. Did Maricopa County fulfill statutory requirements for signature verification on all counted ballots included in the official canvass?
  2. Signature issues were reported in the recent Audit conducted by the Senate. They included the following problems:
  3. Completely blank signature
  1. In order to identify the machines that are grossly mis-calibrated, which ballot on Demand systems or printers were used to print ballots either for early votes, day of, and duplicate votes? Where were they located, and model/registration number and service number of the actual machine.
  2. Is there a GPS tracker on each machine, and if so, what is the data on each of those machines?

Adjudicated Ballots

  1. In the audit, we learned that some of the adjudicated ballots were missing serial numbers, had wrong serial numbers, or had obstructed serial numbers. How many ballots did not meet the requirements of A.R.S.16-621(B)3(a)?
  2. Who is responsible for ensuring that this law is abided by, and what is the recourse for voters when this law is not adhered to, yet the illegal ballots were counted in the official canvass?

Deleted files –
52 USC 20701

  1. Please investigate all reports of deleted files at Maricopa County for the 2020 General election. The County has explained that these deleted files were regarding a different election and were being archived. Please verify the validity of this information.
  2. Please provide proof these files exist in archive.
  3. Did the auditors or subcontractors find that there was a program created to specifically remove and purge files of the 2020 election? If so, who implemented it?
  4. If we are unable to show that these files were archived and indeed deleted and not related to a different election, does that show intent to tamper with evidence?
  5. Is it normal procedure to create a special program to archive files at the Maricopa County Recorder;s office?
  6. Please provide a detailed report of this special program used to “archive” or delete files on 02/01/2021 at the Maricopa County Recorder’s office referenced in the audit report, a copy of the program and an explanation of what it is designed to do.
  7. Who designed the program?

Unsealed Boxes

  1. Why were the ballot boxes delivered to the Senate auditors unsealed?
  2. Who removed the seals off and when? Please provide all documentation available that is required to be kept upon opening boxes.
  3. Who is responsible for compliance with this state law, and is it possible to discover who opened the boxes based on video recording?

Ineligible Voters Allowed to Cast Votes –
A.R.S. 16 Articles 1, 1.1, and 2, Elections Procedures Manual

  1. Were ineligible voters allowed to cast votes in the Maricopa County 2020 General election?
  2. If there are votes included in the official canvass of the 2020 General election, it is to be concluded that the election performed was an illegal election and should be nullified and repeated? Please comment on how to proceed, based on any findings of yours that establish illegal completion of a secure election in Maricopa County.

Redacted Maricopa County Audit Details –
NOTE: This concerns information obtained regarding the actions of the Maricopa County Recorder’s office discovered through the Senate Auditors. If not 100% of the information obtained was released, the public will not receive answers to what information was obtained via an audit that was paid for, in part, by public funds. Therefore, the subsequent questions asked are salient and appropriate for this 1487 complaint to ensure that all the forementioned laws were abided by.

  1. Does there exist information about Maricopa County that was discovered via audit this year that has been omitted and not reported to the public and if so, what was that information?
  2. Who requested that information to be omitted and why?
  3. Were there any threats of cancelation of contract and removal of indemnity should any discovered information be reported to the public?
  4. Was there an agreement to settle the debt of the audit expenses with a provision that certain information was omitted? If so who made that requirement?

In order to call a special session of the Legislature, the AZ Constitution requires 2/3 of the Legislators to sign a petition. (Article 4, Part 2, Section 1) You can see we will need 4 Democrats in the Senate and 9 in the House. Without them, we cannot call the special session. That leaves us with section 3, where the Governor calls the session. Therefore, let’s push for the Governor to call us in to address the illegal votes in the AZ 2020 General Election and to propose legislation that will pass in time for the 2022 primary to prevent the same thing from happening again.