Jules Bistro

Jules Bistro Special Economic Summit in Vancouver

Meet the Chefs for our next Economic Summit, Oui!

Dear Friends of the Vancouver Economic Summit, our usual venue at Steamworks sold out for Tuesday and our reservation was cancelled. Fear-NOT we have Happy Hour booked for 5 PM Tuesday August 30th in the fabulous Jules Bistro at 216 Abbott Street, in the heart of Gastown – see: JulesBistro.ca

Jules Bistro Owner Emmanuel Joinville

Born and raised in Dijon, France, Chef Emmanuel Joinville learned his first culinary lessons the same way many young chefs do, under the tutelage of his mother. He remembers learning to bake in her kitchen and credits these early teachings for inspiring his interest in cooking.

Emmanuel’s professional career began as an apprentice at chef Rene Villard’s restaurant Chateau Bourgogne in Dijon. Here he learned the skills he needed to go out on his own and 1984 he opened his first French bistro in his hometown. After twelve years Emmanuel decided to take his talents elsewhere and moved to Paris where he opened Le 6 Bosquet, a small gastropub inspired restaurant near the Eiffel Tower.

The restaurant became a popular Parisian eatery, but as Emmanuel’s family began to grow he set his sights on a new city. They relocated to Vancouver in 2000 and Emmanuel opened Jules Bistro in 2007.

Jules Bistro is the embodiment of Emmanuel’s seasoned career as a French chef. His menu melds the flavours of France with a West Coast style, offering up authentic, traditional French dishes and daily specials all using fresh, local ingredients.

Jules Bistro Chef Atsuo Nomura

Sous Chef Atsuo Nomura found himself working in a kitchen at 17 years old. He got his start as a dishwasher at a fine dining French restaurant in his hometown of Nagoya, Japan. It didn’t take long for his passion and potential to impress the chef and he took Atsuo under his wing, training him as a prep cook and teaching him the precise art of knife work.

This early experience inspired Atsuo to pursue a career in the culinary world. He trained in classical French cooking and worked as the head chef of a French restaurant in Nagoya before moving to Canada 14 years ago.

Atsuo enjoys cooking because it allows him to be creative. He is inspired by new recipes that he discovers in cookbooks and loves experimenting with flavours from around the world. Some of his favourite cuisines include Japanese, Italian and, of course, French. Atsuo is committed to using local ingredients and approaches creating new dishes with these principles in mind. When not wielding his knife skills in the Jules Bistro kitchen, Atsuo enjoys cooking for his friends and family.

Source: JulesBistro.ca