Hollywood producer Oliver Stone brought up the US biolabs in Ukraine while on Bill Maher’s podcast

Hollywood producer Oliver Stone brought up the US biolabs in Ukraine while on Bill Maher’s podcast

Let’s break it down.

Firstly, Maher plays dumb and claims he is unaware of the US biolabs in Ukraine. It’s just been the main topic at the UN for the last 2 years. It’s also been talked about on the most popular news show in America (Tucker), and every major left-wing MSM outlet cried about it and made their own segment calling it disinformation, to include MSNBC, NBC News, CNN, CBS, FOX, and more. The Undersecretary of State, CIA Director, DNI, and other public officials spoke about it in public Congressional testimony.

Maher knows about the labs and he knows about the controversy. He was playing dumb because he was uncomfortable and unprepared with talking points to deflect.

Maher then asks why the US having labs in Ukraine would be controversial. Great question. When I reported on it on 02/24/2022, it should not have been controversial. The US Defense Threat Reduction Program in Ukraine is pretty accessible public knowledge. The US have labs all over the world. But when I brought it up and connected a couple too many dots, the intelligence community and their underlings at Twitter and other social media went into a frenzy, censored me and the story across all social media, and banned me from every corner of the Internet.

I was wiped from all social media at the same time for reporting on these labs. It should not have been controversial, but for some reason it caused the establishment to freak out, which proved that someone in the Biden admin has something to hide regarding these labs.

If nothing nefarious was happening, why did Big Tech censor the story, and why did the MSM and “fact-checkers” all blatantly lie in unison? They all claimed the labs did not exist at all, only for them to rescind after Nuland spilled the beans.

Maher then asks what these labs in Ukraine are doing, sarcastically suggesting that the labs might be creating anthrax. Stone doesn’t say it directly, but tells Maher it’s worse than that. What were the labs doing Bill Maher?

They were studying bat coronaviruses as early as 2014 via project PREDICT. And one of the lab companies operating in Ukraine, Metabiota, is funded and controlled by the Biden family via Hunter and Rosemont Seneca. This is public record, I’ve been reporting on it for almost 2 years, and I will attach links below in additional posts. The US were studying and enhancing the transmissibility and lethality of bat coronaviruses for “defensive” purposes.

Then on top of all of this, both Russia and China have formally accused the US of creating covid at the labs in Ukraine, and this one of the main factors for the conflict in Ukraine and the inexplicable US involvement.

Bill Maker if you are truly interested in learning about the US biolabs in Ukraine, I can enlighten you and your audience. But I have a feeling you don’t want that.