Here’s the Covid-19 Truth as We know it

Here’s the Covid-19 Truth as We know it

1. The virus was created in a lab

2. It was given some ‘features’ such as four gp120 HIV inserts and several amyloid sequences that help to make it exceptionally toxic to cells, to the immune system, and to the circulatory system. This was a massive crime.

3. The Covid gene experimental ‘treatments’ ALL included the entire toxic spike protein. For some reason.

4. ALL western countries pursued the same sets of illogical and health-counterproductive strategies despite having ZERO science or evidence on their side for the shots, masks, mandates, or which businesses should stay open and which should close.

5. “6 feet apart” was completely pulled out of someone’s ass.

6. NO major health authorities collected the most basic of data that would allow anyone to determine anything of importance about the shots. All we need is basic information so we can temporally connect the shots to outcomes. This would include onset of cancer, heart conditions, still-births, deaths, etc.

7. Nearly EVERY hospital implemented sadistic regimes of isolating loved ones from their dying family members who were, incidentally, being murdered by those same hospitals with ventilators and Remdesivir.

8. While all of that was going on, the media was busy running interference for every facet of that evil program.

9. Meanwhile Social Media was busy implementing the very latest of cognitive warfare techniques to silence anybody and everybody who thought maybe any or all of the above was utter bollocks. This included shutting down vaccine injury groups who were being cruelly ignored and gaslit.

10. None of this was accidental. It was all pre-planned and intentional. Plan accordingly. It gets darker before it get better.