Fitness Enthusiasts are Dying Suddenly

Fitness Enthusiasts are Dying Suddenly

16 sudden deaths examined (personal trainers, fitness instructors & influencers, jiu-jitsu, crossfit, gym goers) – high risk of sudden death!

COVID-19 vaccinated individuals should not engage in any strenuous physical activity until they have an extensive cardiac work-up and are cleared by a team of specialists.

There has been a recent cluster of these deaths of “fitness enthusiasts”. In this article I focused on regular people who were not professional athletes. These were people who were personal trainers, fitness instructors, fitness enthusiasts, crossfit practitioners, brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners and regular gym goers.

As always, the causes of death are typical for COVID-19 vaccine injury – vast majority are cardiac arrests, and then the occasional “died in sleep”, blood clots or brain injury. COVID-19 mRNA vaccination is not just dangerous for professional athletes but is extremely dangerous for anyone who is a fitness enthusiast!

Doctors never discussed these risks with individuals who were deeply involved in fitness – that their risk of sudden death was much higher!

Source: Dr. William Makis MD