Doctor Rashid Buttar

Doctor Rashid Buttar Most Likely Poisoned While Speaking at a Patriot Conference


Doctor Buttar was interviewed by CNN reporter, watch here painting the Good Doctor as nuts, a conspiracy theorist, misinformation spreader. After Doctor Buttar warned that sudden deaths, heart/lung issues, tinnitus, inflammation, turbo cancers and autoimmune issues would arrive soon after the covid shots, Drew, 14 months later, lost his life after a battle with cancer. Doctor Buttar felt sorrow for his passing.

Here’s the entire interview on the informative Sayer Ji show (click) where Rashid explains he was poison-murdered, what the chemicals did to his body.

Skip to 22-33 to hear Doctor Buttar say he was poisoned (click) on the Doctor Ardis show.

Here is the entire Doctor Rashid Buttar interview on the fascinating (click) Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson show where Doctor Buttar explains what happened when his body fell apart. He mentions being tested, discovering ingredients similar to the covid injections at 200 times the dose! Skip to 45 min, son was formerly autistic. Skip 58 to 1:02 explains he would have converted to Judiasm. Rashid was born Muslim, studied Koran, Torah, Christian Bible, did not follow a religion.