Controlled Electron Capture Reaction (CECR)

Controlled Electron Capture Reaction (CECR)

It sounds like Biden has postponed the signing of his EO on climate change.  Maybe it is not politically palatable right now. The climate change loons want to eliminate all use of fossil fuels immediately which would eliminate most of the population of the earth in short order if they were successful. 

A hard plan to sell, particularly if there are promises of other alternatives. What other alternatives, you might ask. 

Later this week Brillouin Energy Corp. will, according to their press release, demonstrate  publicly, a revolutionary new high tech cold-fusion boiler system that can help the world transition from fossil fuel energy to a non-carbon, completely pollution-free and sustainable energy with vast environmental benefits for both the planet and humanity. 

Brillouin Energy’s unique form of LENR, the Controlled Electron Capture Reaction (CECR), generates excess thermal energy (heat) by using very small amounts of hydrogen, nickel and electricity for inputs. According to the information on their website, their technology has already been peer reviewed and they have already entered into several leases. 

A number of peer reviewed documents can be found here:


This technology will also be discussed later this week at the ICCF24 Solid-State Energy Summit in California. See 

For a detailed discussion, see todays Situation Update at:


Paul C. Bush

Image Nuclear reactor cold fusion drawings.