Canada was the World’s Lighthouse; a Place People Ran to for Peace

Canada was the World’s Lighthouse; a Place People Ran to for Peace

It took eight years for Canada to transform from a free liberal democracy and a beacon of hope for those in countries with dictatorial rulers to a censorious festering pit of neomarxist ideological ruin.

Eight years to descend from a leader in energy production and global diplomacy to a bankrupt net zero obsessed banana republic and puppet state for the World Economic Forum, and by extension, the communist Chinese.

Last night Dana White succinctly showed us how far we’ve fallen in a 40 second clip from a UFC press conference. Our government funded media have become rabid bullhorns for neoliberalism and are so steeped in cult dogma they don’t understand that free speech doesn’t exist on a “leash” at all.

You can hear the consternation in the journalist’s (or more accurately: propagandist’s) voice when Dana first answers his question. He’s confused as to why the CEO of this company isn’t addressing him with the vacuous moral grandstanding he’s come to expect. In his mind he’s setting Dana up to condemn comments made in previous days so he can run an article full of quotes that support the dogma. This will be another easy win for his team, he thinks. Dana White will signal virtue for the sake of protecting his brand and the cult will score another point.

But that doesn’t happen. Instead, the UFC president holds up a mirror that instantly reveals how empty and insincere his platitudes are, and in that moment, briefly exposes what Canada has become to anyone within earshot. We used to be the world’s lighthouse; a place people ran to for peace and safety from political persecution. Now we’re the place those same people are running from.

What a fucking embarrassment.