Lula da Silva

Brazil’s Lula warns that poor families who don’t vaccinate their children will not receive financial aid

Lula during the inauguration of the ophthalmology and diagnostic units in Benfica, Rio de Janeiro. Stolen elections have consequences. Brazil’s socialist President, Lula da Silva, has made mandatory childhood vaccinations a condition of receiving government subsidies. The socialist president announced that parents would once again need to provide proof of vaccination for their children in order to participate in the Bolsa Familia program and receive the benefit, or else families will not receive any help from the government.

“The Bolsa Família Program (BFP) in Brazil is a conditional cash transfer program with national coverage that aims to support families living in poverty or extreme poverty, as well as expanding access to education and health services. The program was created by the federal government in October 2003 and enshrined in law in January 2004,” according to Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).