BOOM! Vaccine Exemption HIJACKERS Exposed!

BOOM! Vaccine Exemption HIJACKERS Exposed!

BOOOM! Wonder why you suddenly can’t get a medical exemption from the COVID ‘vaccine?’ To support my work: ….. First I set the stage by going over the INSANE “guidance” on adverse reactions and exemptions & at about 18 minutes I hit the detonator! THANK YOU to everyone who has kept this channel going, you are the BEST audience on the internet!


CPSO guidance:
Ontario Ministry of Health Vaccine Exemptions page:
Public Health Ontario statistics on Vaccine Adverse Events (AEFI):
Robert Chen 1,2:
2. CDC Epidemic Intelligence Service
World Bank Pandemic Bond Offering:
Task Force on Global Health takes over Brighton:
CEPI Partners with Brighton:
CEPI ‘experts’ replace Brighton panel:

Image by John Leong from Pixabay


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  1. […] Amazing Polly uncovers the corruption and schemes of Big Pharma to manipulate the Adverse Event Reporting, and how one man with shameless conflict of interest, is connected to a myriad of very dubious projects. The lockstep plan of the Deep State is exposed in clear detail for all the world to see. This video is a follow-up to the previous expose; see: “BOOM! Vaccine Exemption HIJACKERS Exposed!” […]

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