Bill Gates pushing for DIGITAL ID with MASSIVE $1.27 billion donation to UN Agenda 2030 ”Global Goals”

Bill Gates pushing for DIGITAL ID with MASSIVE $1.27 billion donation to UN Agenda 2030 ”Global Goals”

And a large part of the money is going towards GLOBAL DIGITAL ID

Guess what Agenda 2030 is also called?

They officially call it for “The New Agenda”…

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced a $1.27 billion commitment to advance ”Global Goals” which are the 17 goals outlined in the UN Agenda 2030. As part of this, a ton of funding is going to push for global digital ID.

Yes, you read that correctly. Global digital ID. Remember when that was called a crazy conspiracy theory? A whopping $200 million will be spent to ”expand global Digital Public Infrastructure” according to their website. They say that this funding will be used to help countries with among other things public health threats, pandemic recovery and of course climate change.

What exactly is this ”global Digital Public Infrastructure” you may ask?

Well let the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation tell you! It means payment systems and digital ID among other things, just see the whole text from their website for yourself!

”This funding will help expand infrastructure that low- and middle-income countries can use to become more resilient to crises such as food shortages, public health threats, and climate change, as well as to aid in pandemic and economic recovery. This infrastructure encompasses tools such as interoperable payment systems, digital ID, data-sharing systems, and civil registry databases.”

There you have it. Bill Gates is pushing hard for digital ID. But it doesn’t stop there!

They also have something called ”Goalkeepers”.

This is their campaign to ”accelerate progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals (or Global Goals)”. What is this ”Global Goals” they are speaking of?

It is actually the goals outlined in the UN Agenda 2030. You read that correctly. Bill Gates is working to implement Agenda 2030 which is a bunch of goals that the UN has, including a ton of stuff on the climate agenda.

On their website, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is talking about how governments should use digital payments to women in order to achieve one of the goals on Agenda 2030, namely gender equality.

I bet digital ID will come in very handy for that…More about that later!

And the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is giving out what they call Global Goalkeeper award to people who have done good work in pushing this Agenda 2030.

Now let’s dig a little deeper into what is going on here and what exactly being a Global Goalkeeper means and how this plays into the UN Agenda 2030. And what exactly is this Agenda 2030?

Many of you might not even know much about it as the media seems to more or less not talk about it. So I will. The New Agenda. This might shock you, because we are being pushed towards a global agenda being implemented, and we were never asked about it. They themselves even call the UN Agenda 2030 for “The New Agenda”. Let’s take a deep dive to find out what ”The New Agenda” is all about…

Do you know why the media isn’t reporting on this? Because Bill has donated $319 MILLION to the mainstream media. They are bought and paid for.