Biden’s White House of Horrors: Pedophilia, Trafficking & Incest

Biden’s White House of Horrors: Pedophilia, Trafficking & Incest

The Biden family’s dark history & how it relates to the administration’s abhorrent policy.

Contents from Hunter Biden’s iCloud were released recently on the Internet exposing all kinds of depravity involving drugs, hookers, and inappropriate behavior involving minors. Sadly, news of this kind of deviant behavior from the First Son is nothing new; however, this data dump comes as Hunter is potentially facing criminal charges for federal prostitution offenses.

Hunter’s father, President Joe Biden, could potentially be implicated as well. They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and this certainly seems to be the case with Joe and his son. 

The level of depravity that goes on with the Biden family is the kind of stuff you’d expect to see from a trashy trailer park family featured on The Jerry Springer Show. Instead, it’s coming from a family with the patriarch residing in the White House.

When you look back at Joe and Hunter’s history of perverted misconduct, some of the immoral actions the Biden Administration has taken, specifically in regards to certain appointments and policies with the border enabling trafficking, start to make sense.

Source: Liz Crokin Report