Trump on 2000 Mules

Bet on Indisputable Evidence of Massive Voter Fraud (see 2000 Mules)

Bet on Indisputable Evidence of Massive Voter Fraud

By Paul C. Bush – A year and a half ago I had a bet, with a number of the more liberal members of the Economic Summit, that Donald Trump would win the presidential election. 

I lost. 

That cost me a small fortune; I payed, but I did not concede.

For the next six months, I followed the overwhelming evidence of election fraud, state hearings, rigged voting machines, etc. and was shocked when SCOTUS refused to hear the overwhelming evidence based on no standing. 

At that time, I pretty much concluded the rule of law was gone in America. Even the courts were now controlled by the globalists. We have seen even more evidence of that in the past year. 

Never the less, many patriotic Americans refused to give up and have continued to work behind the scenes. There have been many court cases filed and voting laws changed sense then, with almost no media coverage. 

This week Dinesh D’Souza’s new investigative documentary 2000 Mules was released. This adds a whole new level of fraudulent evidence to the mix but, maybe more importantly, it demonstrates the use of technology we have discussed so many times over the years. 

In this case, it is used for good but the potential for misuse should scare the hell out of you.

2000 Mules documentary

I think you will agree, this is pretty indisputable evidence of massive voter fraud.

The question is now, does America have the political will to fix this problem?

I am not holding my breath, but if it does, I will be making a trip to Vancouver to collect double on my bets.

Paul C. Bush