Danish study

96% of all Omicron cases in Germany among vaccinated

Danish study (above) finds the relative odds of household transmission of Omicron vs Delta increase with vaxx dosage. “Findings confirm the rapid spread of Omi can primarily be ascribed to immune evasiveness rather than an increase in transmissibility.”

In Denmark, 89.7% of all Omicron cases were among fully vaccinated: As of Dec. 31, just 8.5% of all cases in Denmark were unvaccinated, according to the Statens Serum Institut. Overall, 77.9% of Denmark is fully vaccinated, and Omicron seems to hit younger people for whom there is a greater unvaccinated pool, which indicates clear negative efficacy. Even for non-Omicron variants, the un-injected composed only 23.7% of the cases.

96% of all Omicron cases in Germany among vaccinated

The respected Robert Koch Institute reported last week that among the 4,206 Germans infected with Omicron for whom their vaccination status was known, 95.58% were fully vaccinated. More than a quarter of them had booster shots. Given that the overall background rate for vaccination in Germany is 70%, this means that the shots now have a -87% effectiveness rate against Omicron.

Omicron among vaccinated outpacing unvaccinated by 28% in Ontario

The government in Ontario posts continuous data on case rates by vaccination status. The fact that the vaccinated have rapidly overtaken the unvaccinated in new infections demonstrates a clear negative effect of the shots against Omicron.

Omicron cases